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'Crossing Borders'

Fashion crossing borders with the contemporary showcase
from Alecool at the 2018 ASFAs. His design crossed borders
by borrowing subtle transportation themes.


'Nothing But Love'

Monix Couture’s presentation at the 2017 Abryanz
Style and Fashion Awards was nothing short of love.


'Exotic Energy'

The energy on the red carpet was not only exotic but palpable.
The red carpet birthed an evening of breath-taking design works
and spellbinding musical performances


'Sublime Consistency'

The 20 year old multi award-winning duo delivered a sublime
performance to a thunderous crowd that could not just get



News. Whats happening

After five successful events since its inception in 2013, Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) returns for its sixth edition to be held on 7th December, 2018 at Kampala Serena Hotel under the theme ‘Fashion is Power’. As per the theme, a fashionpreneur was organised under the topic: "Fashion & Africa Rising: The Role of Fashion in the Socio- Economic

Collection is; Fashion Tourism which was launched in Paris France. Inspiration; *Uganda's beauty in diversity..captured by the colours of our National flag It is inspired by the undiscovered Karamojong people of Uganda. Fabric used; A fusion of French stiff net with the Nakatoku won by the Karamojong of Uganda.

Spider Reptalian An inspiration based on nature and its most feared characters co existing in a blissful, colorful space…

The look was driven from the urban setting of the all-time dress code of the British tuxedo ,though this time around with the touch of the Chinese dress code for the detailing which compliments the look for the urban groom who appreciates details on his wedding for his look.

Dress made out of golden chains accessorised with a metallic belt and metallic neck lace and shoulder metal cups plus a golden head crown.


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