2019 Designers


Jana Roos

‘The things that excite you are not random. They are your purpose. Follow them. ’

Jana Roos found her purpose and followes her passion. She is a young Belgian Fashion designer, who challenges herself by creating concepts that stimulate all senses. With every project she immerses herself in a new exciting world. A world where everything is possible and there are no limits. By believing in the magic of beginnings and trusting in the flow of creating, she brings her strong imaginary concepts to life. 
Upon seeing her designs, the audience should escape reality for a moment. The authenticity and refinement of her creations has to enchant them.  The collection truly has succeeded when it triggers the audience’s own imagination. 
Working together with passionate directors, photographers and musicians energises her. These collaborations spark an explosive synergy, in which they enrich each other as artists.
Unique Art & Fashion collections, a mix between extravagant and portable high-end fashion, balancing between fantasy and reality…

 ‘Live your Passion’ 


ASFA 2019 Showcase

Jana roos