2019 Designers



Oluchi” is an Igbo word from Nigeria, the word Oluchi finds in its literal translation “the work of God” or “divine art, talent”.
“Celebrating the freedom to be who we are” is the motto that guides Oluchi brand.
A brand that aims to be not only a modern and cosmopolitan clothing line, but also a way of being in life and living experiences.
Despite the spirit of modernity, Oluchi presents itself with strong roots in the history, traditions, myths and rituals of Angolan society.
Appeared in Angola in 2015, it targets the medium-high female and male segment. It has its own designers and ambassadors – faces known to the Angolan society. I refer to TV presenters, models, actresses.

This year we would like to share our that Spirit with our Family in Uganda, we are invisioning a Beautiful runaway with Beautiful models, press conferences to put ourselves available for businesses.

2019 Showcase