courtesy of Khali clothing.

       Born and raised in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb, Seguya Alawi a graduate of Makerere University in Development Studies has emerged into the fashion world with the political wave in Kampala.

He learned fashion and design from his friends, which made him the craftsman that his today and has taken five years in the fashion business and the clients engaged with his works always get impressed with the craftsmanship then refer him to other clients.

“Kamwokya is a place that gives hope to everyone; no matter your background,

you can reach great heights in life” – Seguya Alawi

      Alawi is the founder of KHALI CLOTHING KAMPALA that deals in casual outfits, formal suites, kitenge fabric, and Nigerian wear at affordable prices to all social circles and occasions.


His love for fashion was out of passion that made him transform into a remarkable fashion designer who is inspiring the young talent in the ghetto and being part of building their dreams and following their passion.

     “Am planning to start up a training institute for fashion, for the young talent down in the ghetto,

because I was helped in the same way to reach where I am now.” – Seguya Alawi



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