The inaugural Miss Elite 2020 will take place between 3rd and 10th December in Egypt. The global scale International Beauty Pageant that aims to find the most exceptional representatives from all around the globe to celebrate women’s beauty has shortlisted Uganda’s supermodel Judith Heard. She has won her place as a top model in Uganda and East Africa at large with a rich experience on the red carpet. She is a 3-time #ASFA winner and hosted Africa’s biggest red carpet and fashion show, the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

Judith Heard spoke to ASFA about the December beauty pageant, the inspiration for it, and what she wants her fans and country to take out of it. She also shared her past experiences with social justice issues especially around the young women and girls who have made her understand what it means to be sexually abused, raped, or defiled and not have where to go for help which, we believe, is necessary reading.


Courtesy of Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

I am an ambitious lady and believe in myself. My past experiences with social justice issues especially around the young women and girls have made me understand what it means to be sexually abused, raped, or defiled and not have where to go for help. That is why I started an organization called DayOne where women and girls can turn to as a safe space after being sexually abused. We live in a society where women are marginalized a lot and with this platform, I have created, they get to have a shoulder to lean on.

How did your fans and country support you throughout your journey?

First of all, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to my fans and country for I am here because of their support. I have received encouraging messages and this has given me more zeal to do some of the things I do. I’ve had so many wins throughout my journey and they’ve been with me every step of the way.

If you win who is the first person you will look for in the audience?

Any girl in the audience that has a dream because I want her to know that that dream can become a reality. All she has to do is believe in herself and work towards achieving that goal.

Courtesy of Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

If you were a judge, what question would you ask?

What would winning this pageant mean to you?

What makes you an unstoppable woman?

I am self-aware but I still use every opportunity as a learning experience. So I know my strengths just as much as my weaknesses and this helps me maximize my energy on my best qualities so I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am a doer and will act on whatever I have to do, and pursue it with passion.

What is miss elite about?

Miss elite is an international beauty pageant with contestants from all over the world competing in its first edition in Egypt between 3rd to 10th of December 2020.

Courtesy of Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

Can you give us more information about Miss Elite? What was on your mind when you were chosen to represent Uganda?

Miss Elite brings together women from different countries with differences in age, culture, and background. This is its first edition and I’m honored to be one of the contestants. Modeling is a very big part of me o anything to do with it makes me ecstatic. I love Uganda so much so being chosen to represent it brought me so much happiness and as I said before, it really is an honor to be part of this.

Can you take us through the timeline of your modeling journey?

I started my modeling journey at 16 in Kigali before shifting to Uganda and it has been one amazing journey ever since. I have graced different runways in different cities including New York and Paris.

The pandemic has been disruptive for all of us. How has it changed the way you work and how has it affected the modeling industry?

I’d like to first commend the medical professionals all over the world and in Uganda for risking their lives to fight this pandemic and encourage the rest of us to be mindful by following the safety guidelines given to us. The pandemic has by far caused unprecedented drastic changes in everything we do and in order to limit social interactions we now have to do everything online. Several shows have been canceled, some fashion stores have closed and some designers have adopted virtual models. The modeling industry is a bit dormant now and we can only hope for better times in the near future.

Courtesy of Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards

Finally, tell the people how to vote or engage with Miss Elite so that you bring the crown home!!!

Do follow Miss Elite on all the social media platforms that are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and look out for the updates. But also keep engaging with me online and let’s bring this crown home!

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