Cute Ugandan Boy With Blue Eyes And Vitiligo (Photos)

Meet this stunning Ugandan boy, living in Bunga, apparently he can’t talk, he looks absolutely gorgeous! So pure and endearing.

This boy who was born with vitiligo and blue eyes rejected by the mother who thought she had given birth to a freak and she couldn’t bare the idea of raising this boy.

She refused to breast feed him coz she wanted this boy to at least starve and die because it would save her the burden until one day, the baby was few months old, she picked him from the bed and threw the baby so hard on the floor.

Her intention was to kill the boy but instead the boy lost the sense of hearing and became deaf ever since.

The mother of this boy disappeared and till now no one knows her whereabouts.

“This boy is now being raised by the grandmother as the guardian who i had a chat with few days ago and she shared this heart breaking story with me” says TA DO

Currently this boy is living a normal life, his so playful, jolly and loves posing for pictures and he also managed to get sponsors who pay for his school fees.

Photography:Tado photography