How Fashion will look like after the COVID-19

Time has performed a heinous deed upon the once proud and mighty house of Fashion. The scintillating shimmer that painted the city Red is no longer heard of .

Fashion has suddenly become a rusty relic off time gone by, thanks to the COVID-19 Invasion.

Thé trendy garments have been temporarily eroded away, washing the colors that illuminated the music industry, betrayed models and huddled fashion designers and tailors into a tranquil family.

But from within Uganda the Pearl, Magic lives on.
The weight of many parties, songs and dances will surge, reporting thé gréât ingenuity of creativity that currently lies behind the curtains off a post Corona Era .

Fashion and entertainment lovers be expectant as if wishing for one last pair of boots to walk-by . Creativity lives in Uganda so we hope for the Very best after the strange situation ends.

Olivia Kentie, ASFA 2019 nominee

Let’s stay prayed up,
Hopeful for the best