The ASFA Art and Creative Director Emerges with his own creative agency called – “Application Form trait-marked”

Seboni Makgamatha known as Sir Abner is justified as a Master of historical styles and movements to his attributions to artistic direction and conceptions. He has crafted powerful visual stories and design languages with eye-catching impression themes lived to be remembered, with magnificent ideas and creativity. Also known for the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards themes such as Dress to Inspire (2016), Fashion Takeover (2017), Fashion is Power (2018), and The STARz (2019). His entire career is paved by collaborations in the fashion industry, joining forces with designers such as David Tlale.
Courtesy of Sir Abner

Below, Abner emerges with his own creative agency called:

“Application Form trait-marked”

Transitional Collection 20/21 “Casablanca Skies, Le King des Townships”

Viewing himself as the creative synthesizer who weaves ideas, design, fashion, aesthetics and street culture into a single vision, Seboni Abner Makgamatha better known as “Sir Abner”, is challenging a different outlook in the South African design industry. He has a background in graphic and multimedia design supported by substantial experience in the retail space as visual manager for various brands, he is currently appointed as the Artistic Director, textile print and graphic designer for David Tlale brand  having worked on numerous brands through this role such as Vodacom, Courvisier, Tastic, Avon, Jockey to name a few to help create memorable and groundbreaking brand experiences  in this regard. Sir Abner (31) daily conveys stories of self-awareness, patriotism and aesthetics through his design work and says his love for creating something from nothing certainly comes from his family of elaborate characters. From exceptional seamstresses such as his aunt, to the artistry of his mother through pelmet making and his father’s love for 70’s Italian and Black American fashion, jazz music and African literature, his late grandfather’s tribal traditions that commanded a particular etiquette, and especially his grandmother.

(Left to Right) Shannelle Nyasiase, Sir Abner, Abryanz, Jidenna and a colleague then Ozwald Boateng

Now the creative director of his own creative agency known as  Application Form trait-marked,the creative powerhouse that is not merely another brand but has it’s roots in a multimedia design approach of applying renaissance notions to reach the desired result, making this style very effective in communicating a strong design language which uses  different outlets as “bi-products” to communicate meta-narrative ideologies into a new thoughts . Created from mixing the messages in these codes, “Place holder meta” then becomes the threshold  gateway to the ethos that  Application Form trait-marked stands by of  TEACHING CREATIVITY and NOT ART and using this holistic approach to push pure ordinary ideas into new concepts.

Clothing and apparel, graphic & textile design, interiors, wallpapers , branding, collaboration driven and visual arts all market these ideas and concepts  to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a particular group or a culture. Seeking to inspire, guide, and motivate people to think differently with the goal of it’s holistic  brand experience contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life. Set against a clinical modern space Sir Abner’s transitional collection expresses his love for unexplored South African sub-cultures especially the ones of his home-grown town of Pretoria known as “Pitori”and furthermore change the definition of the meaning of transitional in fashion as this is will be the next phase of creative thinking for the designer who refuses to be marginalized.

Sir Abner arrives In Uganda ahead of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards in 2016

Inspired by underground icons in the South African music scene and the birth of township indie-culture in music that highlighted the lifestyle of a “Mokakati” (Pretoria slang used to describe a township version of British skin-head and/or “Glocal” rockstar life mentality associated to a larger group of the aesthetically appealing Mapantsula) across many South African townships.

Legends “Mujava and Dj Spoko” created a sound known as Bacardi House music that was populated by local taxis in the townships and made its way to the global house music scene by storm and it would later influence so  many urban truly South African “popular” music genres today. Not to mention one of the first few documentations of  “Pitori”  lifestyle and influence on pop culture, putting emphasis on the notion of this concept by boasting influences from the real-life charater of  Warren Masemola who is from Pretoria and is also one of the first artist in his craft to follow in these footsteps and is genuinely a real “Mokakati” in Sir Abner’s opinion.

Inspired by the song “Casablanca” by Mujava this serves as the sound score to the nature of the life of the garments and fashion styles of these characters. Sir Abner extends the  creative spectrum of this notion by collaborating on a remix that features himself on the vocals produced by internationally acclaimed  Portuguese Dj and Electronic Afro house music producer Djeff and dear friend for Application Form trait-marked. The song features a 8 minute spoken word S/O highlighting the universal language these guys music has spoken to the creative industry at large for creatives such as Sir Abner and Djeff to even think like this and the coincidence that has brought these two artists together to pay homage to the music that sees both their worlds become one. The soundtrack single is set to release on the 31st August 2020 on iTunes and across all popular music platform.

David Tlale, Sir Abner, and a colleague arrived in Uganda for the first time in 2016 for The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

From preppy classics, street wear movement and raw & tailored silhouettes of Amapantsula mixing  edgy contemporary messaging in the form of metaphors, puns and juxtapositions. The  reinvention of Argyle check knit into graphic prints, influences of Dickies khakis and  worn by Amapantsula and extended in material applications and garment style-ups create new textures and a over-all fresh feel for menswear. This collection is meant to feel more like a “hyper-sampler’s” artistic expressions that are informed by the lingo,  dance moves,  lifestyle motifs, uniform attires and individualistic mannerism of the wearer, right down to the names given to the pieces in the collection.

Application Form trait-marked Mens transitional 20/21 collection seeks to aspire to the ideals of celebrating the art of a “Mokakti” on a global approach to “pop culture” to redefine it’s narrative  and document the persona of these figures to make direct perception awareness to that of the globally glorified sex, drugs, alcohol and cult driven lifestyles of rock stars throughout western history and the rest of the world. More than anything to tell the stories of these versions of teen spirit in South Africa.

Courtesy of Sir Abner

For more information please contact Sir Abner on (+27) 0815 471 047 or email [email protected]


Seboni Makgamatha

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