The Fashionpreneurship Summit

Besides the ASFA awarding event, the ASFA also has a FashionPreneur summit where Fashion is exhibited and showcased and its at  this event that  all Fashion stakeholders meet and share a platform.

The fashionpreneur summit is an interactive business workshop focussed on the role of fashion, and the creative industry in shaping the economy. Attendees receive expert tips on how to monetize their project, seek funding, market their brands, manage finances and more from a panel of business and creative professionals
The ASFA Fashionpreneur Summit 2019 is a great platform that will motivate young aspiring youth in the fashion industry to find their creative and entrepreneurial fervour.
Key fashion industry stakeholders will share their source of inspiration, discuss the challenges they face as fashionpreneurs, and speak on their experiences while debating the solutions to empower the next generation of fashionpreneurs. This event is slated for 26th October 2019 at Kingdom Kampala

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