What will fashion look like after corona virus

It will take the fashion industry a while to get back on it’s feet after the coronavirus nightmare. I say this because people will not be having readily available money to spend on clothes and accessories. At the same time, they won’t have money for purchasing tickets for attending fashion shows/events.

The savings/money people will have after the coronavirus virus pandemic will be used for other urgent needs rather than buying clothes perhaps.

And also, people will still be crept in fear even after the pandemic has subsided. So, you will find instances where some people will still be avoiding attending fashion shows because of the mentality that they will still get infected incase they are within close range with other people. So, such people will stay home while the shows register very low numbers of attendance.

These issues will cut across locally and globally. It will definitely take a while for the fashion industry to get back to it’s feet again.

By Esther Oluka – Previous ASFA Nominee