What will fashion look like after COVID-19 (Corona virus)

Life after the Corona Pandemic will definitely one of recovery and people trying to get back to their daily routines.
For the fashion family in fashion capitals like Milan where the tragedy hit so hard, it will be left to see how the Fashion season picks up after this tragedy. Once the mourning has passed, we should definitely expect something positive to come out of this, and the Spring/Summer Fashion Week of September is a must attend!
I also see a lot to next fashion season inspiration being picked from this experience and given the oomph it needs to turn it into “off-the-runway” and straight into our closets kind of fashion.
I’m particularly looking forward see brands like Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton(under the artistic direction of Virgil Abloh) and other’s interpretations of this pandemic in the fashion sense.
Economically, the fashion world like all other sectors will need a lot of boosting to catch up and recover the losses, caused by this tragedy.
But let’s keep the hope alive, God will fight for us. Let’s stay safe, follow the health guidelines given and stay home!
God bless and protect you all!

By Gloria Haguma – 2 time ASFA winner.