Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards


International models Aamito Lagum and Akello Patricia are hosting the first-ever meet-and-greet ASFA party tonight, the day before the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) on Friday.

The Meet and greet party is here to create a space where amazing creative minds can come together in the same room and come up with creative ideas. And, hopefully, transform Uganda’s, Africa’s, and the world’s fashion and entertainment industries.

Model Aamito Lagum shared that they hope to create a safe networking space for people because people in the diaspora desperately need to connect with Africans back home and people here desperately need to connect with people in the diaspora and form collaborations.

And because this is the first meet and greet party, it is limited to 120 guests, but there is hope that it will be open to more creative minds in the future to share ideas and future collaborations.

Aamito Lagum also highlighted why they partnered with Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards and stated that it was because of its proprietor and director Ahumuza Brian‘s passion for fashion and his contribution to the fashion industry in a short time. Aamito Lagum had the following to say: “…He has been able to do for the fashion industry what no one has done in a very short time, so that’s one thing we really admire about him. His tenacity, great and passionate.”

She went on to say that they partnered with the ASFA as a way to reconnect back home because they had felt disconnected since the pandemic (COVID) and wanted to do a small homecoming. And to share everything they’ve learned with everyone.

Another reason they partnered with the ASFA, according to Aamito Lagum, was the need for a safe and comfortable space for creatives to connect and network. She said,“…What other better than the ASFA to do that, like have a pre-party where all these creatives are in the same country, same room sharing a drink, games, fun and having light conversations. And we hope that these live conversations lead to magical celebrations…”

The party will be the first fun-filled meet-and-greet, and all guests should expect exclusivity, social capital, entertainment, and a surprise that you do not want to miss. You never know who you’ll run into among the different creative movers, models, and top fashion icons of the continent in attendance.

Date: Thursday 15th December 2022

Venue: Kampala Serena Hotel Pool Side

Arrival Time: 5:00 pm

Dresscode: Cocktail Festive

Tickets: Invites only & exclusive to 120 guests

The party will take place prior to the biggest fashion night happening on Friday 16th, 2022