Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards


Fashionpreneur Summit

The Fashionpreneur Summit is an annual interactive business workshop seminar that empowers young fashion business starters with knowledge, skills and connections to help them advance their brands. This summit focuses on the role of fashion and its related industries in shaping the future of young people and the economy.

Held under the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, the workshop brings together industry experts in an interactive setting to discuss and equip participants with practical skills on how to monetize their projects and business ideas, seek funding, market their brands, manage finances and more, by a panel of business and creative professionals.

Since the fashion industry is always changing, each year features a different set of panelists depending on the global issues affecting the market.

Why partner with us

77% of Uganda’s population is below 30 years old and in Africa, youth (below 26 years) comprise 60% of the population. These are also the target group of the Fashionpreneur Summit.
Looking at the future, it is important we ready the younger generation for what is to come. Fashion being the second source of employment after agriculture, with estimations of the fashion industry growing by 15-20% in the next few years, our goals are;

  • To bridge the gap between the industry, market and creatives though this summit.
    Partnering with Fashion schools and other institutions of learning to engage their students with our international discussions.
  • To inspire future fashion entrepreneurs by sharing the possibilities and opportunities in the market.
  • To partner with other institutions and organizations that share in our values of empowerment and youth empowerment.
  • To prepare and expose local designers for greater audiences like Fashion Weeks by linking them with industry experts.
    Local economic development through ethical fashion and youth empowerment.
  • Foster collaboration, not competition between Ugandan designers through the Exhibition discussion where designers and artists engage in a dialogue on their creative process for their exhibitions.