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ASFAS 2018

Fashion is Power

The theme of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018 is ‘Fashion is Power’. The annual event is using its influence to shine a spotlight on the immense possibilities the fashion industry has to offer in terms of transforming livelihoods and turning Africa’s economy around.

According to UNICEF, Africa has a population of more than 1.2 billion people. This number is estimated to grow to 2 billion by 2050. About 200 million of those are aged between 15 and 24. This is no doubt the Africa of the future. Unfortunately, this youth bracket is faced with unemployment as the traditional workforce can’t employ them all.

The creative industry, where fashion falls comes in as a great alternative as it offers massive potential for job creation and overall growth. The global fashion industry alone is worth 4.5 trillion US dollars according to The State of Fashion 2018 report. It employs around 60 million people across a number of sectors from marketing, advertising, design and publishing. The report also notes that non-Western markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia will account for a greater share of the global apparel and footwear sales in the coming year.

It is against that backdrop that we’re confident that Africa’s fashion industry has immense possibilities. However, unlocking these possibilities will need more investment into the industry and great support extended to start-up fashion businesses. Africa is already blessed with creative young people who are digitally savvy which offers them an opportunity to sell not just in Africa, but to the rest of the globe. If they are empowered with knowledge, skills and mentorship on how to make profitable businesses, Africa’s economy might be blessed with a huge boost. This is what we believe is the power of fashion.

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018 has lined up a number of business and networking events to take the discourse from the glamorous event slated to hold in December to everyone that is  interested in the business of fashion.

ASFA 2018 Guidelines

How to Get Nominated

Eligibility for nomination

  • All applicants must be African, or foreign citizens who have been residing and working in Africa for at least 2 years.
  • Eligibility of participants is restricted to people aged 18 and above only.
  • Eligible applicants should have been active in the fashion industry during the period of August 2017 to August 2018.

The nomination process

  • Nomination will be done strictly via email and ASFA website
  • To apply, one is required to send their portfolio or a portfolio of someone they would like to see nominated. The portfolio should consist of a complete list of projects they’ve worked on or done during the period of August 2017 to August 2018. Please state the specific category you’re applying for.
  • The email nomination bid should be sent to [email protected]
  • You are free to nominate a person of your choice for the categories listed below as long as they are eligible for nomination.
  • Deadline for nomination is 25th September, 2018.

Be Part of the 2018 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

Here is your chance to participate in the 2018 Abryanz style and Fashion Awards, we are particularly interested in hearing from fashion designers, artists, performers, musicians/bands, photographers, producers, organizers, models of all ages, shapes and sizes, model/talent agencies, event managers, venues, retail fashion operators, make-up artists, hair stylists…

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