Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards



  • All applicants must be African, or holders of dual citizenship or foreign citizens who have been residing and working in Africa for at least 2 years.
  • Eligibility of participants is restricted to people aged 18 and above only.


1.1.0 The Nomination Process of the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards.

1.1.1 Nomination is open to general public. For example, the person/persons must have greatly contributed to the fashion industry as per the disciplines in the categories from August 2021 to August 2022. The main channel of nomination shall be via;

 Email: nominations@asfawards.com

Website: LINK

Instagram: #asfanominee2022 #asfanomination 

Facebook: #asfanominee2022 #asfanomination 

Twitter: #asfanominee2022 #asfanomination 

 Phone: +256 784106872

1.1.2 To apply via email, one is required to send their portfolio consisting of a complete list of projects they’ve worked on done during the period of August 2021 to August 2022. Please state the specific category you’re applying for.

1.1.3 Shortlisted applicants will be required to share information to substantiate the validity of their application and the projects they’ve worked on. This could be photos, videos, press cuttings, magazines and other similar media. All such material provided has to be certified as copyright free.


PLEASE NOTE: Images submitted should be professional pictures of 1000pX and above.

1.1.5 These applications will be reviewed by the ASFA board to scrutinize and draw up a final list of nominees.

PLEASE NOTE: The public nomination bid holds a 40% decision will, and the 60% decision will be held by the ASFA Committee panel.

1.1.6 The general public is free to nominate a person of their choice for the categories listed below using the channel/ channels above as long as they are eligible for nomination. Email nomination bids should be sent to nomination@asfawards.com.

1.1.7 Copyright for submitted material.

All material provided can be used by the organizers for future promotion for the event. If this is not possible, written permission from the identified copyright owner/s should be provided, clearly stating that the material can’t be used by the Organizers of the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards, as part of ongoing promotions of the said event.

If no such forms are presented, we will take it for granted that material shared is copyright free. Although effort will be made to include a courtesy note on all published material, the organizers cannot be held responsible for omissions in this respect. All material is to be provided at the expense of the applicant and is non-returnable. The applicant assumes full responsibility in this respect.


PLEASE NOTE: These are to be used on our website, nominee promotional work, and in the media, for all Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards promotional activities. Poor quality images will not be considered.


1.1.8   Information requested by the Organizing Committee has to be shared before the set deadline. Anything shared after that date will not be accepted and will automatically lead to automatic disqualification of the nominee.

2.0.0 The Selection stage.

2.0.1   A selection panel reviews all applications and draws up a short list of applicants who are eligible.

2.0.2 Secondly the penal shall ensure that all short-listed applications are eligible for nomination in their particular award categories. (See: Additional Notes for Each Award Category).

2.0.3 The adjudication panel then chooses the best 4-6 applicants in each award category. Upon agreement, the chosen applicants become the nominees in the particular category for the year.

2.0.4 The adjudication (selection) panel can decide to choose more or less than five nominees depending on the quality of applications received for a particular category.

2.0.5 If there are insufficient applications for a particular award category, the penal can shall will that particular category No award will be presented that year.

2.0.6 Once finalized, the list of nominees is shared with media for publication.

PLEASE NOTE:  Once the list is published, a nominee cannot pull out of the awards.

2.0.7 A selection panel shall bring on board experts/ a consultant at different levels in the process of creating each award category. Each application is given a scoring based on the presented information.

2.0.8 The panel has a 60% stake in the final verdict. The 40% is left for the public vote.